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Download a 1 year free Xbox Live gold code, OR 4000 Microsoft Points (worldwide) from the link below:

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We get the codes, by using a private program we developed. The program will use a secret exploit to access a secure server, then find their codes. We will then manually check if they work and provide 12 months membership.

So the Xbox Live gold codes doesn’t cost us a singly penny, however our program, developers, server, and secure download-page costs us some money. So in return, we kindly ask YOU to donate us some money (if you want to donate please leave your email in a comment and we will contact you), else we might consider taking a fee further on.

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Facts about our codes:

  1. Their all fully working (we test them before we release them)
  2. Your account is completely safe and won’t get banned (the keys are legit, we get them from the official server)
  3. Their unique (our download-page make sure the same code won’t get downloaded twice)
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free Xbox Live codes

Full information:

Free Xbox Live codes is used to get a subscription to Xbox Live gold.

Absolutely free of charge. If you’ve been looking for a method to get your membership for free, this is the site for you. Who want to have to spend a fortune on subscription costs when this generator will get you all of it for free? Gold membership gives you a huge number of benefits over the inferior silver membership.

One of the key features is that you can play games against other people online. That means Call of Duty, Halo 4 and of course thousands more all require you to have this higher level of subscription to get the most out of your game.

Your download will give you exclusive or early access to downloadable game content, videos and demos. No more being left behind! You’ll get to stay ahead of the game, while everyone else relentlessly hands their cash over to Microsoft.

free Xbox Live codes

Chat using Gold Membership
Gold membership also benefits the 360 consoles chat features. It will allow you to chat with more than 1 person at a time, and you’ll even be able to have a face to face chat using Kinect with your TV.
If you want you could also use Avatar Kinect. Avatar Kinect lets you chat with your friends using an avatar which will mimic the real life gestures and expressions of the user.
You will be able to chat with your friends whenever you want, whilst doing anything you want on your Xbox 360. You won’t need to be on the same game or game session to communicate with each other.
For example, you can be playing Halo 4 while you friend is watching a movie and you can still talk to each other.

With a “paid” subscription you’ll be able to play against your friends in all the multiplayer titles available. Who wants an 360 without being able to play with friends? Online multiplayer is one of the key features.
Without it, games can often get quite boring or empty as they lack the fun competing (or co-operating) with friends gives you. A typical example of this is a game like Call of Duty, which everyone is sure to have heard of. It’s fun for a bit in single-player, but to maintain the longevity and freshness of the game you need an experience that is constantly changing and evolving.

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Downloadable Content
An upgraded membership will not only offer you a new and fresh experience every time you play by involving other human players to interact with, but also through download content (or DLC). Download able content can add new characters, maps, areas, guns and so much more for your game.

Game Demos
Once you’ve redeemed, you’ll be allowed to download game demos. Gold members get their access to a lot of new game demos up to two weeks before everyone else.
This is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary spending on games that turn out not to be to your liking. Who want to spend their hard earned cash on a game that turns out to be awful or not to their tastes?

Another great benefit is that they’ll give you access to Netflix, which lets you stream videos from straight to your television.
You’ll need a Netflix membership, but it doesn’t cost much at all. If you’re already a member, however, you can jump straight in to watching movies with your friends without the hassle of looking for a DVD or having to struggle in changing the televisions settings to suit your DVD player. You can even watch movies with other gold/Netflix members by using the party option.

free Xbox Live codes

Social Networking
An Xbox Live code will also grant you access to Facebook and Twitter through your console. This means you’ll be able to check your social network notifications without having to constantly switch between your console and your computer.
Silver members are not allowed to do this. You can even purchase a keyboard and headset to attach to your controller to further improve the accessibility and experience of social networking.

free xbox live codes


Gaming is easy with free Xbox live gold

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These days Gaming is not only restricted to teenagers

This has swept all over the world. It has been seen that people love gaming, and they use it as a means to leave all the worries and anxieties. It is not restricted to guys only. Most of the girls have been into gaming these days. Microsoft has again proved to be the best. With the launch of Xbox, it has increased a lot of traffic towards its own site and proved to be the pioneer in the world of gaming.

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Xbox has proved to be the real favorite among gamers after the release.

There has been a terrific craze and madness among the people. They can spend the whole day playing games on Xbox. As most of the people are in short of cash to sign up for the premium membership, the free Xbox live gold will solve the problems for them. They can use the codes and enjoy gaming. Most of the times they get the codes for free as they spend some time on these sites.

It is very much essential to have live codes for playing any game on Xbox. These codes allow users to play their favorite games, and at the same time they earn points gaming. These points are used to increase the ranking of individuals’ games reflecting the performance. By this, you will be able to recognize the best player in the lot.

How to get the code for free Xbox live gold

If you are wondering how to get the codes, then this is exceptionally easy. You just need to log in on certain websites. A lot of websites provide free trial codes. If you are lucky, then get these codes, and you are at an advantage. These codes help the players to compete with other players around the globe. You can sit in your place and play with the gamers from a different place and different country. This will not increase the gaming abilities but also help you learn new skills and techniques used by other players.

Certain websites have online contents and games where they provide you the codes for free Xbox live gold. You need to play games on these sites and accumulate points to avail the codes. This is easy. You are not losing anything.

There are several companies which offer the Xbox live gold codes, for free. You can also avail them in Microsoft Xbox retailing stores. For all those who do not want to take any pain, these are also available on Microsoft websites, as well. But most importantly you need to be alert and vigilant as soon as they are launched. It has been seen that people who have received these codes are so satisfied that they never give up trying for free Xbox live gold codes.

Apart from this there are a lot of sites that make use of them to pull a lot of the crowd towards their site.

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How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Memberships

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Without Xbox Live Gold, I would be bored with every game I own, and without the free Xbox Live codes, I’d be broke.

Though reasonably priced when retailers have them for sale, nothing beats the sweet smell of something free. All in all, it is definitely worth the membership price, and here’s why:

Free Game Demos

To me the most notable game that I have discovered so far would have to be Section 8. My jaw dropped when I first discovered a DEMO I can play online for FREE!

Being an old PC gamer and just recently migrating to console since Halo 3′s release, purchasing an Xbox 360 felt natural after gaming on Windows for so many years. I instantly fell in love with all of the features included in the Gold membership.

There are so many great XBLA ( X . Box . Live . Arcade ) titles in the market, and the greatest thing about them is: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Virtually anything on XBLA has a trial download, allowing you to try every single offer that catches your attention.

There are hidden gems in the Arcade, and there are sure-shot hits easily accessible by browsing the ‘Most Popular’ game-list. Most recently added to XBLA were the addition of indie games developed by regular Joe Schmoes like you and me.

xbox live gold

Apps Galore

Need tunes? Last.FM and Slacker Radio are great picks. Check out the newest videos going viral? There’s a smooth-running Youtube app for Gold users. Stay up to date with news? Plenty apps for that, including MSNBC.

Have a Netflix account? XBL has a user-friendly app to navigate their titles offered for instant streaming. Too broke for Netflix? It can get their hands on Crackle, which offers a limited amount of movies and shows (they have SEINFELD!)


Last but not least, users can play on everything that have a multiplayer option. The gaming servers are constantly being updated and upgraded for a secure, hack-free experience. Through moderate use, it becomes apparent no other online gaming server provider can compare.

gaming joystick

Microsoft invests a lot in the safety and security of its online offerings. Competitors offering free online play have repeatedly shut down for long periods, due to hacker penetration causing servers to overload. This has never happened with Microsoft. A nice plus with most multiplayer games; if you purchase them new, most have free Xbox Live codes to allow you to use most of XBL’s features.

The Xbox 360, paired with Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you have the ultimate online portal at your grasp. Movies, music, news, web browsing, and last but not least, an infinite array of games to try out and play.

You only spend your hard-earned bucks if you tried the game, and get hooked. Trials Evolution is my new casual gaming poison. The game never ends thanks to XBL allowing us to download user-created tracks (I’m too lazy to make my own, and I wouldn’t know where to start). I’m done ranting and I’m ready to play. See you on the battlegrounds.

free xbox live codes